Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Don't Wanna See That Either...

This guy's enthusiasm fires me up. I want this guy on my team. He's not just gonna sit there and let the #1 answer slip away. He's beating his opponent to the buzzer every time...and another time after that. It doesn't matter if he's got nothing lined up in his wheelhouse. He's just winging it. Whatever comes to mind first, he's going with it. And he's doing it with enthusiasm and confidence. He just told Steve Harvey a burglar's #1 fear when breaking into a house is seeing a naked grandma when you get through the window. Heck, he was so adamant about it, he convinced me my #1 fear would be the same. His opponent feels the same way. "I don't wanna see that either."

The most surprising thing about this clip isn't the man's response, or that it turned out to be the #2 answer on the board. It's that it only turned out to be the #2 answer on the board. I guess the #1 answer would have to be the burglar seeing his own naked grandma.

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Randstad said...

haha, breaking into a house and seeing a naked grandma...classic