Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I ended last season incorrectly predicting the last seven NFL games. That's a near impossible task. Was I betting on the spread? No. The picks were straight up. I don't think I could do that again if I tried. This season, expect a turnaround. I'm talking Kobe Bryant turnaround jumper turnaround. (Yes, I'm aware that doesn't make sense). For the last seven months I've been training. Ready to remedy the prediction woes of last season. The formula? A steady dose of, (because this blog is so good even I have to read it and freshen up on my sports knowledge), and (not so much for sports, but for videos like the one below).

There was no way I was writing anything today without some way incorporating this video. I think I could watch it 1000 times and still laugh every time.

Another laughing matter is that Brett Favre convinced some people that he wasn't coming back this year. I mean really guys? You honestly thought Favre would retire? Sure he texted teammates saying he would, but that's only because Lebron was stealing the spotlight in the news. Favre needed more airtime with his "decision". So he planted a lie to throw people for a loop, then denied, denied, denied it the next day.

Well Brett, you got what you wanted. For a day or two, people cared about your pending decision. And for a day or two people might have been unsure of your intentions. But just know that I called your bluff. As did most of America I would imagine.

So on to the pick. New Orleans might still be celebrating its Super Bowl championship on Bourbon Street, but it's time to get back to playing some football. The title is anybody's for the taking, and judging by recent history (only 8 repeat winners), someone else will take their title come season's end. Many thought it would be the Vikings. But with an ailing Favre, eight weeks without Sidney Rice, and however many weeks with a bottle of Advil for Harvin, the Vikings are a huge question mark. (When I say an ailing Favre, I mean that's if he's not lying. Favre is like the kid in a pickup basketball game that isn't confident he's as good as everybody else, so he throws an excuse out before the start of the game like, "My shoulder has been bothering me" or "I haven't played in a while", just to set people straight that he might not play well not because he's inferior, but because he's hurt or been out of the game too long).

One thing that isn't a question mark is AP. He should be running "all day" on the Saints. While I think he gives fantasy owners a fantasy treat or nightmare (for his opponents), I expect the Saints to keep the tradition of winning Week 1 after a Super Bowl title alive.

Saints 34 - Vikings 24

More picks to come later this week.

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