Friday, September 25, 2009

Predicting the Unpredictable...

So, this NFL season is no different than the others. Like always, the first two weeks have left some fans scratching their heads, others prematurely crowning their team Super Bowl champs, and many already worried their team is about to collapse. Yes, everything about the NFL is in order.

But what will Week 3 bring? Honestly, I have no idea. But I like to think that I do. So how about I try and predict the unpredictable?

Okay here goes:

Pittsburgh 10 - Cincinnati 17
My first pick, and it's already my upset pick of the week. The Bengals should be 2-0, and it infuriates me that they're not. Polamalu won't be looming in the secondary, which leaves Chad Ochocinco a chance to make Pittsburgh's D "kiss the baby" in a game to remember. Week 3 will leave Steelers' fans worried, and Bengals' fans thinking playoffs. I think Hard Knocks clouded my ability to properly assess the Bengals chances.

Washington 23 - Detroit 14
Let's hope this game is as thrilling as last week's Skins/Rams game was. This is the most boring a game outside the NFC West can get. Calvin Johnson and Clinton Portis fantasy owners are the ONLY people that care about this game.

Green Bay 35 - St. Louis 6
Aaron Rodgers has to have a breakout game this week, right? He's going to single-handedly lead my, to this point, embarrassing fantasy team to a win this week. Right? Please? I hope so.

San Francisco 20 - Minnesota 24
Great game. The Niners are my pick to win the NFC West, but they're not my pick to win this game.

Atlanta 20 - New England 17
Patriots' fans need a win, but they're not going to get it. Brady still seems uncomfortable in the pocket, their defense looks suspect, and Welker and Moss are nursing injuries. Rainy game. Turner and Gonzalez are the difference.

Tennessee 13 - New York Jets 16
I really had trouble picking this game. I think the Jets are for real though. Their defense is really buying into Rex Ryan's system and it's still early in the season. That scares me a little. The Titans will continue to fall from grace against the Titans of old in the Meadowlands.

Kansas City 10 - Philadelphia 20
Can you imagine if Michael Vick throws for 150 yards and a TD and runs for 75 yards and a TD? How funny would that be? Donovan McNabb better pray Vick has a rough outing.

New York Giants 30 - Tampa Bay 13
I love seeing the Giants play in warm weather. Expect the running game to get going now that the Giants have established a passing game, and look for Eli to have a nice game statistically. Kenny Phillips, you will be missed.

Cleveland 10 - Baltimore 26
The Ravens could be the best team in the AFC. And it's not even because of their defense. Go figure. The Browns, on the other hand, may be the worst team in AFC.

Jacksonville 13 - Houston 19
Jacksonville is pretty bad. I'm not even sure why. Steve Slaton, where are you? I still like Houston to go 9-7. Expect one of the 9 to come today.

Chicago 20 - Seattle 13
I can't bet on Seneca Wallace. I like the guy. But I can't bet on him. I could definitely see myself being wrong with this pick.

New Orleans 38 - Buffalo 27
I feel like everyone's picking the Bills in this one. Everyone but me. I love the Saints. There's just nothing not to like about them. Fun game to watch.

Denver 13 - Oakland 10
Oakland found a way to win with only 166 total yards of offense against Kansas City who had 409 total yards. Denver found a way to start the year 2-0. Both cases are miracles. Oakland won 13-10 last week. I think they'll lose 13-10 this week. Even though they're better than Denver.

Miami 21 - San Diego 24
Miami held the ball for over 45 minutes and still lost to the Colts on Monday night. It's not even that Miami is bad. They're actually a pretty good team. Tough schedule so far for them though. It seems last year's Cinderella might be doomed to drop to 0-3. They'll definitely put up a good fight though.

Indianapolis 23 - Arizona 17
I'm looking forward to this game. I might even wait for it to end before I watch Entourage. That's saying something. Intriguing match-up.

Carolina 17 - Dallas 24
You gotta figure Carolina is due for a win. I'm not counting them out. Jerry Jones needs this one though. I think the Cowboys understand that. The Giants rained on Jones' grand opening last week. I don't think Carolina is going to do the same. Look for Felix Jones to run wild.

Well, there you have it. The unpredictable, predicted right here.

Now if I could just pick the right starting lineup for fantasy. I lost by 0.4 points last week! Come onnnnnnnn!

If only Marion Barber tripped 5 yards earlier.

Image taken from Yahoo! Sports