Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nobody Wants the Top Spot...

It appears the only ranking nobody wants to have in college basketball these days, is #1. North Carolina, Pittsburgh (twice), Wake Forest, Duke, and Connecticut all tasted the top spot this year. And, apparently, it didn't taste very good. Some of the teams put up with the nation's best ranking for a few weeks, while others chose to rid themselves of it right away. Pittsburgh didn't waste any time at all, losing its very first game back at the top. I know what you're thinking. They probably lost to one of the many great opponents in the Big East, right? Nope. They lost to Providence. The Friars. Name one player on their team. Exactly.

The nation's top spot has been anything but gratifying in '09. It's been so repulsive that teams are seemingly trying to avoid it. North Carolina found themselves a win away from the top spot, so they lost to Maryland (6-7 in the ACC). Oklahoma held onto the #2 spot for as long as they could. When a UConn loss left them no choice but to move on up to #1, Blake Griffin took a few blows to the head for the team. His concussion brought the Sooners two losses that should keep them away from the dreaded zenith of college basketball. With Monday right around the corner I feel pity for UConn. They're due for the #1 spot. With only one game remaining, it would make sense that they'll be the nation's best entertaining the Big East tournament. But it probably makes more sense that they'll lose their last game to Pittsburgh. It would then make sense for Pittsburgh to lose the Big East tournament, so we can have a new #1 before March Madness.

Thank goodness there's no BCS in college basketball.

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Anonymous said...

i can't even imagine the BCS of college basketball. march would be a terrible month.