Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 10 Picks...

Baltimore at Atlanta (Thursday Night Football)
For the simple reason that the AFC is superior to the NFC. Atlanta is undefeated at home, but a few of their wins haven't been pretty. The Buccaneers were one yard away from victory against the Falcons last week, and the 2-6 Niners were a Roddy White stripped fumble away from upsetting them in Hot-lanta earlier this year. I think this is a good game, but defense prevails. It's a shame half of America won't be able to watch this one, as it airs on the NFL Network. It's a good match-up. Enjoy staring at the game cast online people.

Detroit at Buffalo
Buffalo is playing their heart out right now. They're really giving it their best. Sean Connery has a message for the Bills:

Take down the Lions, Buffalo! Go f*** the prom queen!

(Side note: Has there ever been another time when an 0-8 team has been favored to win by 3 points, when they weren't playing another 0-8 team?)

Minnesota at Chicago
Everyday it's a new Viking that hates Brad Childress. First Percy Harvin gets into a confrontation with him at practice. Now quite a few players are stepping up and saying they have a problem with Childress. Where's a leader like Jackie Moon when you need one?

I'm still taking the Vikings.

NY Jets at Cleveland
The Jets are due for a good game. The Browns are due for a bad one. Looks like Rex moves to 3-0 against brother, Rob.

Tennessee at Miami
All I can say is, Tennessee better have a damn good caterer. I think Chad Pennington shines in his return. The man's never a thrown a ball farther than six yards. You never lose that. It's like riding a bicycle or tying your shoes.

Cincinnati at Indianapolis
I honestly feel bad for the semi-decent teams that roll into Indy following one of the Colts' losses. It's just not fair. Especially when they're on a short week after a Monday night loss to the Steelers.

Houston at Jacksonville
Highest scoring game of the week for sure. It's gonna be 35-28, or 38-35 when it's all said and done. Last man standing (in other words: last team with the ball) wins. I think it's the Texans.

Ps. I think it's safe to say the Texans are still comparable to Dip n' Dots. Both advertise to be the king of the future (one in football, the other in ice-cream). But how long can a team say that before we start to stop believing that? Will the future ever become the present for either? I'm not so sure.
Pss. Gus Johnson is calling this game. There is no way this isn't a shootout. The possibilities are endless for how this game might end. I'm gonna say Joel Dressen returns an onside kick 37 yards for a touchdown to seal the deal. When Gus Johnson is at the mic, anything is possible:

Carolina at Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay gave Atlanta much more trouble than I anticipated. Carolina is contemplating benching Matt Moore for Jimmy Clausen. That would mean they benched Moore for Clausen, then benched Clausen for Moore, and then benched Moore for Clausen again. Two times in one season they're benching a guy for another guy that's already been benched by the guy they're benching now. That's when you know there's a problem.

Kansas City at Denver *Upset Special
Even in defeat, Kansas City looked good last week. I never thought the AFC West would be evenly matched from the top down while Rivers and Gates were still in their prime. Denver, at 2-6, seems to be the worst of the group. Since starting off 6-0 last year, they're 4-14. Josh McDaniels let go of Peyton Hillis - who can't be stopped - and added Laurence Maroney - who can't get going. They're doing all the wrong things. But, I still think this team has potential. I also have a hunch that in the "Mile High" city, they'll steal one from a Chiefs team that isn't ready to be at the top yet, and open the door for Oakland or San Diego to take the reigns.

Seattle at Arizona
I'm going to give the nod to the home team. I care so little about this game, I'm not even going to research it. We'll just say the home team's going to take this one.

Dallas at NY Giants
The injuries to the Giants' offensive line are starting to add up, and it's starting to scare me a little. But every time I watch this team and I think about where they could finish this season, I: CLICK HERE.

St. Louis at San Francisco
If they don't start winning now, the Niners will never get to 6-10 and win this division.

New England at Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh's really come a long way. Just a few weeks ago Big Ben was pissing everywhere in public and assaulting girls on a weekly basis. Now they're the closest thing to a clear-cut favorite for the Super Bowl. Funny how quickly things change. Speaking of things that changed quickly. How quickly did analysts realize they jumped the gun on deeming the Patriots the best team in the NFL?

Philadelphia at Washington
I once knew a guy with all the talent in the world. He played on one of the biggest stages in college football, the Sugar Bowl - and shined there. His draft stock instantly rose to the top of the leaderboard. Al Davis and the Raiders took a chance on him. Only he failed miserably, was eventually cut, and fell into some hard times with a drug problem.

Me: "You know who that guy was Danny?"
Danny: "No."
Me: "Take one good guess."
Danny: "Jamarcus Russell?"
Me: "(Laughter) Nooo, no that guy was Mitch Cumstein, my roommate. Good guy."

Okay, you're right. It was Jamarcus Russell. And things are so bad in Washington that they actually held a tryout for him last week. I think it's safe to say Washington has a problem. And I'm not talking about the government.

Last Week: 9-4
Season: 70-60

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