Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quite Possibly the Greatest Sports Video Ever...

Above we have footage of Eagles head coach Andy Reid at age 13 in a Punt, Pass and Kick contest. The footage was aired during the Colts-Eagle game earlier today. I couldn't contain myself with laughter when this came on. He is literally twice the size of the other competitors!! Literally twice the size!! An absolute mammoth of a child. How many passports and birth certificates did this guy need show to get approved for this contest? "You're 13-years-old? Really? Thirteen?" The man looks no younger than 46, and I think I'm being generous. Just look at the little kids standing behind him. Unbelievable!

Word on the street is, Andy needed to borrow a uniform from a player on the Rams, because the P-P-K officials didn't have any uniforms that could fit him. Something tells me the guy he borrowed it from was a 346 lb. defensive tackle.

Of all the video flashbacks I've ever seen in my near 20 year history of watching sports, this is by far, hands down, my most favorite one ever. I promise I will incorporate this video in as many blogs as I can going forward.

When I look at Andy Reid from now on, no longer will I see a poor time manager, with a high propensity to lose challenges, waste timeouts, and cost his team the game. No, no, no. When I look at Andy Reid, I will forever see the 13-year-old mammoth of a boy, who's parents obviously slipped HGH into his Cherrios.

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