Sunday, December 19, 2010

Giant Idiots...

Dear New York Giants,

How in the world? How in the f**king world can you be that pathetic? I've never been more enraged after a sporting event in my life. That was the biggest f**king joke I've ever seen. 31-10 with less than 8 minutes left. 31 to f**king 10. And you know what? I wasn't even convinced we had the game at 31-10. Why? Because this team never ceases to f**king amaze me.

Where did you go wrong in this one?

Mario Manningham: Thanks for swinging the momentum towards the Eagles. Tom Coughlin said it best: "How the f**k did you drop that ball?" What way were you holding it that the ball just up and came right out of your hands while you were standing straight up? How is that f**kin possible?

Kenny Phillips: You haven't been a ball hawk once this year. Anytime you had a chance for a big hit you've taken it. Never once did you take a chance on an the interception when a big hit was right in front of you. I don't know if you got greedy, because you thought the game was over or what, but you killed us. Brent Celek. The guy has maybe 3 catches in the last 7 games, and you handed him an 80 yard TD. All you had to do was drill him. He bobbled the ball. That's an incomplete pass, the Eagles still have 80 yards to go and its 3rd down. Instead you take a chance on an interception, get yourself out of position for the tackle, blow the tackle and let the Eagles cut the lead to 14 in under 20 seconds.

Kick-return team/Coughlin/special teams coach/anyone in the Giants organization: Shame on all of you for being gullible enough to believe the thought of an onside kick never crossed the Eagles mind down 14 with 7 minutes left. You put your hands team out there no matter what in that situation. If they kick it off because your hands team is out there, so what, that's what you're hoping they will do. To give the Eagles a free, uncontested onside kick is a joke.

Giants defense: At least you made up for your coaches dumbass mistake by holding the Eagles offense to a TD in a minute and thirty seconds. An extra minute and 10 seconds longer than the last drive was an impressive stand.

Giants offense: Great run blocking, great pass protection, Gilbride great originality with the play-calling, nice blitz protection. That 3 minute drive really did the job.

Giants defense again: Way to hold 'em. How many times did Vick slip under a sack? 3? 4? 5 times? You know what works better? When you have a clean sack opportunity, just take him out by the legs. He is the most illusive quarterback in the history of the game. Why go low when it's the secret to tackling right? Ross, nice job giving up the edge so the containment scheme could fail and Vick could run for 30 yards on 3rd and long. Overall, good effort guys. It took Philly two minutes to go 89 yards and score. You're improving.

Giants offense again: Manning, suburb accuracy that last drive. I don't know if you have a complex against the Eagles that brings out the worst in you, but it's a joke. I know they sacked you 7 times in your first career start, but you won a Super Bowl since then. Be a f**kin pro.

Oh and last but not least...

Matt Dodge: I spent the 2 minutes leading up to your punt thinking, will Dodge drop the long-snap or will he kick it directly to Jackson. I was right about the latter. But at least you came through with a hang time of 0.4 seconds to give your special teams time to get 3 yards down the field on the coverage. You gave Jackson so much time, he had time to fumble the snap, run back and pick it up and still go untouched on the return for a TD. Only you Dodge, only you. I can't wait to see what you can come up with in the playoffs. Oh that's right. To quote Donald Trump, "You're fired!" on Monday. If not in the next six minutes.

Thank you guys. For allowing me to witness the most pathetic effort of all-time in the fourth quarter of an NFL game.

It's amazing how confident my dad and I were you would lose. We almost gave you too much credit, thinking you'd blow it on the first possession of overtime. But no, we were too experienced of fans. We'd seen this before. We couldn't call ourselves true Giants fans if we didn't already know Dodge and the special teams would f**k it up before the end of regulation.

Thanks for nothing.


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