Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 7 Picks for the School of Soft Knocks...

Since every NFL player and analyst made comments about the rule changes regarding hard hits this week, I'm going to choose not to contribute to the debate.

My only question on the matter: Is HBO going to have to change the title of it's hit summer series "Hard Knocks" to "Soft Knocks" next year?

To the picks...

I'm inching closer to good graces after my 8-6 performance last week. Let's ride this turnaround until it's dead. With the games as tough as they are this week, I'll take another 8-6 right now.

Cincinnati at Atlanta
Cause I have faith Marvin Lewis gave this speech to the Bengals after they lost two weeks ago (before TO and Ochocinco ran off to film reality television):

Washington at Chicago
Cause even Albert Haynesworth could get a sack on Chicago's offensive line.

St. Louis at Tampa Bay
Cause the Saints brought the Buccaneers back down to Earth last week:

San Francisco at Carolina
Cause San Francisco has to win the next 10 games to go 11-5.

Buffalo at Baltimore
Cause they're playing Buffalo.

Philadelphia at Tennessee
Cause I want Michael Vick back at quarterback, and a loss to Tennessee under Kolb might be his only hope.

Jacksonville at Kansas City
Cause the Jets should have lost last week and confirmed the theory I found that "you-never-pick-the-road-team-on-short-rest-after-Monday-Night-Football" works pretty well.

Pittsburgh at Miami - *UPSET SPECIAL
Cause no one on Miami's defense contemplated retirement this week.

Cleveland at New Orleans
Cause Cleveland's whole offense is out with a concussion.

Arizona at Seattle
Cause this week marks the three-year anniversary of the time Marshawn Lynch "ghost-rid the whip (or trainer's cart)."

New England at San Diego
Cause people are starting to think the Chargers might actually suck, and the referees always find a way to get the Patriots a "W" in this match-up.

Oakland at Denver
Cause Oakland lost to the Niners last week. That's just embarrassing.

Minnesota at Green Bay
Cause Brett Favre would rather lose his 289-consecutive games started streak for sending pictures of his "little gunslinger" to Jenn Sterger than lose to Aaron Rodgers for the first time.

NY Giants at Dallas
Cause I'm 0-6 in my Monday Night Football predictions this year and I want the Giants to win.

Last Week: 8-6
Season: 48-42

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