Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet Walt Backman...

I know by now this story might be old news to some people. But this video is just too good to be true. Over the years, I've always wondered what these managers were screaming in their tirades with umpires. I imagined they were pretty hard on the guys. But Walt Backman took it to a whole other level. A level well beyond my expectations.

Some managers might stop at screaming, tossing their cap or kicking dirt on home plate. But not Walt Backman. He wanted to make it very clear that you don't throw him out of the game when he's not sure what him or his player said that was wrong.

I'd offer some witty insight on the clip, but it speaks for itself. No analysis needed. Just enjoy.

My favorite quotes:

"He'll go to...Stevie'll go to second and move...Stevie'll go to left. Stevie'll go to short, move Johnny to second". (2:55)

"Catcher get out of the way"! (3:40)

"Let's go have a beer Doc". (4:10)

Also, who are you taking:
Walt Backman or Phillip Wellman in an ejection tirade?

To me, Wellman is playing into the crowd and almost looks like he's acting. Backman seems to express more hate and disgust about the ejection. He isn't trying to entertain the crowd.

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