Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Career on the Line...

This past Wednesday, Roger Clemens, known as one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history, tried to maintain his reputation in front of Congress. After the Mitchell report was released just recently, the most surprising name on the list, was Roger Clemens. A 7-time Cy Young Award winner and one-time World Series champion, Clemens put up statistics that few could parallel. Clemens denied the allegations from the Mitchell report that suggested he used HGH immediately. He even went on 60 Minutes in an effort to clear his name. With a career likely tainted forever, Clemens agreed to appear in front of Congress along with long-time personal trainer and former friend Brian McNamee.

At the hearing, both men were questioned on some controversial actions. However, for the most part, it seemed to be Clemens whose actions appeared most suspicious. McNamee was very composed and relaxed when answering his questions, while Clemens looked flustered and struggled to put sentences together at times when trying to elucidate his suspicious behavior and actions. Most of the evidence presented put Clemens in a bad light as well. Andy Pettite, Clemens former teammate and friend, told Congress at his hearing that Clemens once told him he used HGH. Clemens' former nanny also reported that Clemens contacted her for the first time in 7 years and invited her to his home when he discovered Congress asked for a way to contact her, without contacting her himself. His choice to speak with her anyways, before Congress got the chance to, was very suspicious. The nanny then revealed Clemens attended a party 10 years ago at Jose Canseco's house after Clemens denied being there.

Clemens' explanations for his actions were very weak in my opinion and his demeanor made him look far from innocent throughout the questioning. As a New York Yankee fan, it is very disappointing to think Clemens isn't innocent and that he did in fact use HGH, but based on his hearing and the drastic change in his statistics entering his 30s and 40s, the obvious sign suggests Clemens is guilty. The investigation will further continue in the coming months, but as for now, it seems Clemens' career will be forever tainted and his records and accomplishments, always in question.

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