Monday, May 25, 2009

Where is the Love?

Like him or not, Kobe Bryant deserves some love. It's not that he isn't "dapped" on a regular basis, it's that he isn't dapped enough. Lebron James is the league's MVP. He's done some spectacular things this postseason. No one, but Skip Bayless, can deny that. But it seems to me that the world's obsession with Lebron James has clouded the greatness that is, Kobe Bryant.

I watched Lebron James' game-winning shot in awe on Friday night, 164 times on Sportscenter. Then I watched it another 200 times the next day. I agree, it was the greatest shot of Lebron's career, and I could've watched it another 200 times. However, the very next night, Kobe Bryant hit clutch shot, after clutch shot, after clutch shot, and then another clutch shot, and received very limited air time on ESPN. Instead, everyone chose to credit the Lakers' win to the boneheaded Nuggets and move on to the next story about Lebron's game-winner two nights before.

Did anybody see Kobe's go ahead three with a minute left? It was a pretty big deal.

The man had 41 points, 40 in Game 1. He's shooting 93% from the line this series. And his team is up 2-1 against a team that's playing unbelievable as of late. Denver had all the momentum, a 16 game winning-streak at home, and a soaring confidence. Yet Kobe and the Lakers still managed to steal home-court advantage back from them.

While it appears Lebron James is playing all alone against the Magic, Kobe hasn't exactly had much help as well. Fisher isn't shooting well. Bynum is nonexistent. Gasol is softer than Charmin Ultra, spending more time complaining than playing. Odom is struggling. Vujacic forgot how to shoot. Meanwhile, Bryant has overcame every obstacle en route to a 2-1 series lead. He's taken the ball-in-hand for every big-time possession, and come through time and time again. He's been battered and beaten by a much stronger Carmelo Anthony, dislocated his finger, and yet still fights through the pain in hopes of a healing swish.

Just because he isn't the MVP this year, doesn't mean Kobe's fallen off from his MVP status of last year. The Lakers are winning, and Kobe is excelling once again. Lebron James may have the most recent game-winner, but Kobe Bryant is still the best closer in the game. Just because it's a trend when Kobe comes through in the clutch, doesn't mean it should be less appreciated.

Lebron's not the only player we need to Witness.

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