Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today the Yankees made an unexpected move; a move I couldn't be happier with. Kyle Farnsworth is no longer a Yankee! However, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez is. I mean I would've been happy if the Yankees gave up Farnsworth for the Tigers backup middle infielder, Ramon Santiago, but Rodriguez is just icing on the cake. Yankee fans put up with Farnsworth's disappointment for 3 years! Yet the organization never did anything about it; until now. Michael Wilbon of PTI said it best making the point that the deal sends a future Hall of Famer to the Yanks in exchange for a "dope". Farnsworth was a dope. He countlessly let the Yankees down, giving up lead after lead. The setup man that could supposedly throw in the upper 90's gave up home run, after home run, after home run. He constantly missed his location and served up meatballs at critical points in games. I thought the Yankees season was over when he took over Chamberlain's role in the bullpen, but the Yankees may have salvaged that mistake.

Do I feel bad for Farnsworth? After hearing he shed a few tears, yeah maybe a little. But the fact of the matter is, the Yanks gave him more than enough chances. Well more than he should have been given in my opinion. Girardi seemed to love the guy, obsessing over the fact that he caught for him back in the day. Maybe Girardi was having trouble leaving his past behind, and needed Farnsworth there for some strange reason. Regardless, Kyle is gone and I'm not mad about it. I'm really happy to be honest. I look forward to the post-Farnsworth era. I'm also excited to see what Rodriguez has left in his tank. With the new acquisitions and departures, I think the Yanks might keep their consecutive trips to the playoff streak alive. I can only hope.

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